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Tax Forms for Future Payments juillet 23, 2018
The new Penthouse owners have decided to keep the program running pretty much as they inherited it, at least until they can start making significant changes in the amount of support via regularly updated assets and such for you. As to the important part, and the question on everyone’s mind, though, we’ll get right to … MONEY.

Without attacking your minds with all the legal niceties surrounding our recent history, just understand that there are three “magical” divisions of back due affiliate payments that WILL come out of three different very eloquently-defined-by-the-legal-profession funds. Getting those back payments will take some time (weeks, not months and months, but still); however, going forward from our most Magic Legal Day – this being June 16th, 2018 – payments will resume on the regular schedule. In case you cannot even remember what “regular” means, because it has been so long since you’ve been paid, we’ll try to refresh everyone’s memories. As a general rule, we run reports two weeks after a period ends, to allow for the majority of chargebacks and refunds to process. Those payment should be pushed through accounting here in a week or so, sometimes much less.

Per the new ownerships, however, we have a now very, very strict rule. IF WE DO NOT HAVE A VALID W-9 OR W-8BEN ON FILE FOR YOU, YOU WILL NOT BE PAID. All those caps hopefully explained it, but if not, DO check your “My Account” page and be sure you have uploaded the required documentation. This applies no matter how you will be paid, be that by check, PayPal, or Paxum. That should be simple enough to understand, but feel free to hit up if you have questions.

There seem to be more and more amazingly complex hoops involved in order to set up new PayPal and Paxum accounts – which the new corporation must do, obviously – so we may ask for a little patience right at the first … but we really, really hope not. The new owners come from the Internet world, as you may have heard, and they understand the value of our community. We look forward to this once again becoming a fun joint operation between all of us.

The (New) Penthouse Team